Alexander Mundiger: Update BI-RADS for ultrasound


Christian Weismann: Screening and ultrasound where are we now?




Christoph Rageth: Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for axillary lymph nodes


Enzo Durante: Wire-guided localisation (WGL) versus radio-guided occult lesion localisation (ROLL) in breast conserving surgery for non-palpable breast cancer


Enzo Durante: Intraoperative digital specimen radiography: Usefulness in breast surgery


Zsuzsanna Varga: Margins   permission for videotaping not given


Fritz Schäfer: Elastography -- overview and usefulness


Alexander Mundiger: Update elastography -- basics and clinical results 


Claudia Kurtz: Shear wave elastrography -- experiences 


 Christian Weismann: Shear wave elastrography -- gadget or necessity?