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Breakout Session: Palliation of Esophago-Gastric Malignancies

Robert Shen, MD—Chair
Mayo Clinic

Bridget N. Fahy, MD
University of New Mexico
Managing Obstruction


• Palliation starts with patient • Stents +/- brachy or chemotherapy effectively relieves esophageal obstruction • Surgical or endoscopic treatments provide similar palliation of gastric obstruction • Limited role for palliative resection • Multimodal pharmacotherapy key adjunct to procedural interventions

Jennifer Yon-Li Wo, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Managing Bleeding


• Rates of re-bleed are high and prognosis generally poor after endoscopic and IR therapies
        - ideally utilized as a bridge to therapeutic options
• Treatment Algorithm:
        - For Slow drift, consider RT
        - For Arterial or hemodynamically unstable patients, consider embolization
• In curative setting, prioritize optimal oncologic management