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Choice of four posters:

Caleb J Smith, Tanios S. Bekaii-Saab, Kathryn Cook, et al.

Authors conclusion: Nal-IRI might be considered in pancreas cancer patients who had received regular irinotecan, particularly in the absence of disease progression with the latter.


Kyunghye Bang, Jaekyung Cheon, Jae Ho Jeong, et al.

Authors conclusion: Nal-IRI + 5-FU/LV showed only modest efficacy for mPAC patients who progressed on conventional irinotecan-containing chemotherapy. Cumulative dose of prior conventional irinotecan may be correlated with the efficacy of nal-IRI + 5-FU/LV.


George P. Kim, Paul Cockrum, Andy Surinach, Laith I. Abushahin

Authors conclusion: In this real-world cohort of patients with mPDAC treated with liposomal irinotecan, as expected, one-year OS increased as patients remained on therapy. Patients in this cohort were older, had more prior lines of therapy, worse ECOG PS, and similar exposure to treatment compared with patients in the registrational phase 3 NAPOLI-1 study. Among patients who received at least 4 cycles of liposomal irinotecan, one-year OS (29%) was similar to both the intent-to-treat (25%) and per protocol treated patient populations in the NAPOLI-1 trial (34%). Further studies are needed to understand the predictors of long-term survival among patients with mPDAC.

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