Poster Session: Esophageal and Gastric Cancer

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Kohei Shitara, Ben George, Julien Taieb, et al.

Authors conclusion: In the phase 3 TAGS trial, FTD/TPI treatment in the third or later line provided efficacy benefits vs PBO and demonstrated a consistent safety profile in pts with mGC/GEJC regardless of prior treatments.


Hiroki Hara, Takuro Mizukami, Keiko Minashi, et al.

Authors conclusion: The RP2D was determined to be Level 1B although further investigation to explore optimal regimen is needed. Clinical trial information: UMIN000031346.


Josep Tabernero, Kohei Shitara, Aziz Zaanan, et al.

Authors conclusion: This analysis confirms the efficacy and safety of using FTD/TPI vs placebo in GC/GEJC patients in third and later lines with a survival benefit that seems to be slightly superior in 3L. Results of QoL in both 3L and 4L+ were consistent with previously published subgroup analyses and with the overall TAGS study population. When FTD/TPI is taken in 3L as recommended in the international guidelines, physicians can expect to provide their patients with a mOS of 6.8 and mPFS of 3.1 months. Clinical trial information: NCT02500043