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Gastrointestinal Cancer—Gastroesophageal, Pancreatic, and Hepatobiliary

Rui-hua Xu, Huiyan Luo, Jin Lu, et al.
Adding camrelizumab to chemotherapy had a superior overall survival and progression-free survival compared with placebo plus chemotherapy. There was a manageable safety profile observed. The authors conclude that Camrelizumab in combination with paclitaxel and cisplatin has the potential to become a new standard first-line therapy in patients with advanced or metastatic ESCC. Clinical trial information: NCT03691090
Ian Chau, Yuichiro Doki, Jaffer A. Ajani, et al.
The study authors conclude, that nivolumab plus chemotherapy and nivolumab plus ipilimumab both demonstrated superior overall survival versus chemotherapy, This goes along with durable objective responses and acceptable safety, in patients with advanced ESCC. Nivolumab plus chemotherapy and nivolumab plus ipilimumab both represent a potential new 1st-line treatment option. Clinical trial information: NCT03143153
Markus H. Moehler, Kohei Shitara, Marcelo Garrido, et al.
Adding nivolumab to chemotherapy improved overall survival and progression-free survival in all randomized patients and showed an acceptable safety profile and maintained tolerability and quality of life. According to the authors it supports nivolumab plus chemotherapy as a standard 1st-line treatment for advanced GC/GEJC/EAC. Clinical trial information: NCT02872116
Ronan Joseph Kelly, Jaffer A. Ajani, Jaroslaw Kuzdzal, et al.
Adjuvant NIVO has a clinically meaningful efficacy with an acceptable safety profile, and maintaining quality of life. According to the study authors , this supports its use as a new standard of care for patients with resected EC/GEJC who received neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy with residual pathologic disease. Clinical trial information: NCT02743494
According to the authors, this study shows no evidence that perioperative chemotherapy is "unacceptably inferior" to multimodal therapy, notwithstanding greater proxy markers of local tumour response in the carboplatin/paclitaxel, 41.4Gy radiation therapy (CROSS) arm. The authors conclude that these data strongly suggest non-inferiority and support equipoise in decision making in modern practice. Clinical trial information: NCT01726452
Manish A. Shah, Khaldoun Almhanna, Syma Iqbal, et al.
Adding Pembrolizumab to preoperative chemoradiotherapy for EAC is safe and associated with a significantly higher major pathologic response rate compared to historical data. The study authors found the major pathologic response to be significantly enriched in EAC/GEJ type I tumors compared with GEJ II/III. This was associated with important differences in the baseline tumor immune microenvironment. Clinical trial information: NCT02998268
Changhoon Yoo, Kyu-Pyo Kim, Ilhwan Kim, et al.
Nal-IRI plus 5-FU/LV significantly improved overall survival and progression-free survival compared to 5-FU/LV in biliary tract cancer patients who progressed on prior GemCis. The authors conclude, that Nal-IRI plus 5-FU/LV should be considered as a standard 2nd-line therapy for advanced biliary tract cancer. Clinical trial information: NCT03524508
Ning Lyu, Ming Zhao;
The authors conclude, that HAIC-FO had superior efficacy and survival outcome than sorafenib in the 1st-line treatment of primary diagnostic, advanced HCC. According to the authors, this indicates, that HAIC-FO monotherapy in patients with heavy intrahepatic tumor burden might be a better strategy than sorafenib. Clinical trial information: NCT03164382
Shaohua Li, Chong Zhong, Qiang Li, Jingwen Zou, et al.
According to the authors, neoadjuvant transarterial infusion chemotherapy before hepatectomy may bring survival benefits for resectable BCLC stage A/B HCC patients beyond Milan criteria. Trial number: NCT03851913. Clinical trial information: NCT03851913